The original 3 in 1.  Brush. Scrape. Comb.


by PBM Marketing, LLC

Does the work of 3 tools.
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User Testimonial
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User Testimonial

"I had the occasion to use this tool {Paintbrush Mate} last week.  I repainted my entire house and after the first two rooms I was just throwing away my brush and roller as I changed colors.  Then when I remembered the Paintbrush Mate, I decided to try it---IT IS BY FAR THE BEST BRUSH CLEANER I HAVE EVER USED.  I have seen painters use a wire brush but the Paintbrush Mate with its paddles {pigment pusher blades} between the wire and the comb at the end left my brush cleaner and fresher than ever.  I used one brush for the next four days changing colors several times."

   --- William S., Providence Forge, VA

Paintbrush Mate ships in an attractive
 Counter Display.  Product is great pegged
 next to your best sundry products or
displayed on the counter for easy
add-on sales. 

Retailer Information

Give your customers a faster, better and easier way to clean paintbrushes.  Amp-up your line of paint sundry products with this professional-grade tool that is perfect for contractors and DIY customers.  

Try pegging it next to your paintbrushes or cleaning solvents! 
Drive more point-of-purchase sales with the compact counter display with full-color photos showing how to use it and inviting customers to grip-it for themselves.  Paintbrush Mate is a great add-on sale. 

  • Current Incentives:  Mention our ad in The Paint Dealer magazine and receive special incentives on all new orders. At this time, freight is PPD on all new orders.
  • Orders and Shipping: Orders are shipped by the pack or case.  A pack is a 12-piece POP Display and a case is four 12-pack POP Displays.  

To place an order or obtain pricing and payment terms: call Mike at (727) 992-3957 or email us.