The original 3 in 1.  Brush. Scrape. Comb.


by PBM Marketing, LLC

Does the work of 3 tools.
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First, the top edge is a scraper that forces wet paint out of the bristles.  The scraper also removes hardened paint from the brush heel, or metal banding. 

Next, the brush cleans paint and build-up from between bristles with 12 rows of rigid stainless steel wire embedded between 3 tough "pigment pusher" blades.  Finally, the specially designed comb teeth remove any remaining stubborn residue and straighten brush bristles. 

This 3-in-1 action leaves bristles well-conditioned and re-aligned so they retain shape for optimal performance every time.

   - Stainless steel - 3/4 inch, .008 gauge, rust-proof
   - Polypropylene body - tough enough for daily use
   - Angled comfort grip handle - for maximum leverage 

   - Shortens cleaning time
   - Uses less cleaning solvents
   - Purchase fewer brushes
   - Extends the life of brushes
   - Restores neglected brushes
   - Jobs look better

   - Reduces strain on the back and neck
   - Handle protects your fingers
   - One tool to carry - compact size fits most tool belts
   - Peggable for workroom or van storage

For all brush types.
Works on oil or water based paints.
Use with water or cleaning solvents.


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