The original 3 in 1.  Brush. Scrape. Comb.


by PBM Marketing, LLC

Does the work of 3 tools.
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Paintbrush Mate is based in Pasco County, FL.  All of our operations and manufacturing are done in the U.S.A.  Even better than our product design, is the story of our company.  Don't worry; we're only going to give you the skinny version.

                                                           Steve and Mike

Necessity, Invention, Friends & Finance
Painting is a thinking man's job. In fact, painting gives a person so much time to think, that our guy invented himself out of an otherwise relaxing semi-retirement, and right into the driver's seat of managing the hottest invention in painting since pour spouts on paint cans.

To keep occupied, Mike agreed to do some light renovation on an office building for his buddy Steve. As he was painting, he laughed with Steve about how the world is in a race to develop the fastest-drying paint on the planet. If you’ve done any painting lately, you know this means stopping and cleaning paintbrushes several times during, not just at the end of the job. They wondered why the 3 tools needed to clean brushes properly seemed "make-shift" at best; they didn't hold-up for long, weren't angled right, or one kept getting lost. They joked that it was becoming all too tempting to just buy "cheap" paintbrushes and throw them away! But cheap brushes only make for ugly streaks and hairy bristles stuck in your walls.
Having already invented a wildly successful home consumer item, Mike thought like an inventor. After a career in the painting industry, he knew the ins-and-outs of the paint business. So when the first glimmer of the idea came to him--he almost fell off his ladder in excitement. He shouted for Steve and whisked him off to lunch. Steve himself was already a successful entrepreneur and finance expert. Together they knew they could do better. Paintbrush Mate was born.

From then on, countless hours went into designing just the right tool to solve this common problem. They researched, they sketched, they tested and re-tested. They toiled through the patent process. They collaborated late nights on the design, the grip, the angle, the gauge of steel, and how to incorporate 3 functions into 1 tool. Once they nailed it, they traveled across the country to find the best manufacturer, distributor and parts vendors that could meet their exacting specifications. In a nutshell, that’s how it all started, but you can get the unabridged version from Mike!

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