The original 3 in 1.  Brush. Scrape. Comb.


by PBM Marketing, LLC

Does the work of 3 tools.
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The hottest tool to hit the paint industry in years!

Paintbrush Mate is a tool designed specifically for cleaning paintbrushes.  All in one easy stroke...Brush, Scrape, does the work of 3 tools.

   3-in-1 FUNCTION
--gently loosens cured paint from bristles
   SCRAPE-- 3 Pigment Pusher Blades force residue and
  heavy build-up from bristles
   COMB -- straightens bristles back to original shape to
  maintain optimal brush performance 

   BONUS FEATURE! 4" scraper at front-end of tool
  easily removes excess paint from paintbrush heel.

Paintbrushes are expensive...don't throw them away!  Paintbrush Mate is so easy to use, it cuts clean-up time in half.  It's tough enough for professional paint crews -and- perfect for the do-it-yourself home painter.

   Quick and Easy -- saves time and money
   Better Results-- paint jobs look better! 
There is nothing else like it. 
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Takes the drudgery out of clean-up.

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